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Les Mononcles

Les Mononcles

Les Monocles brings together three veterans of Lanaudière traditional music: Norman Niron (accordion and vocals), André Marchand) guitar, foot percussion and vocals) and Michel Bordeleau (banjo, mandolin, violin, foot percussion and vocals). These guys need no introduction—they have travelled extensively throughout Québec and elsewhere, playing with well-known traditional music groups. The multi-instrumentalists, along with bassist Raynald Dupras, return to the roots of Québec folklore.

Call-and-response songs and reels, sweet laments and toe-tapping rhythms, Les Mononcles album "Blanche" is traditional music at its best with good times galore!


Prepare to tap your feet and boogie in your seat: Les Mononcles show is a joyful celebration of Québec traditional music. From ballads and call-and-response songs, to reels and wild rhythms, the obvious delight of the four members of the group on stage entices the audience to listen enthusiastically to their lively music. A return to kitchen parties of the past where the dancing went on till dawn!

For those who feel the urge to try out a few steps, Les Mononcles offer a “traditional dance party” as part of their show where, accompanied by a caller, they will take the audience back, or introduce them, to dances as they were done in homes and at traditional celebrations. Available on request.



« With the album “Blanche”, music lovers will discover a style of traditional music not often heard […] a bunch of old buddies getting together in old-fashioned family style. » L’action